Subject: Re: Future of NetBSD??
To: Dave Cornejo <>
From: Rob Healey <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/23/1995 07:32:55
> I think that the divergence is on the issue of what exactly "the right
> thing" is.  There are two perspectives on this: the users, and the
> developers.
> FreeBSD obviously has taken the users stand, essentially that whatever
> works for the user is the right thing.  For NetBSD, essentially
> whatever works for core developers is the right thing.  So both camps
> really seem to have major flaws in their thinking - that one quality
> precludes the other.  But such is the nature of a volunteer effort;
> the project is defined by the strengths and shortcomings of its'
> volunteers.
	I think I'd come down on Chris' side on this one. Maybe I'm
	one of those OS elitists but I like things that are
	specifically designed rather than just happening. This is
	why I'm a NetBSD fan rather than a Linux fan.

	The other issue is ports. NetBSD beats the other BSD's hands
	down if you aren't one of the lemmings running an x86 since
	the other BSD's assume "all the world's an x86".

	Maybe you are right in the long term, that all the x86 people will
	go elsewhere, but I don't think NetBSD will be marginalized in
	the non x86 world. Personally I think x86 people just aren't used
	to the pace required by something that is designed rather than
	just slapped together...