Subject: Snapshot report - June 20th tar_files
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Alistair G. Crooks <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/23/1995 08:17:09
Well, it took me a long while, but here it is:

If you're compiling from the 20th June tar_files, the manual page
installation bug is gone, as are the kdump and netstat won't compile
problems. In their place are:

1. don't include "options NETISO" in your kernel config file, or
you won't get a new kernel - there'll be a compilation error in

(tuba_usrreq.c is at 1.5, June 13th, last edit by mycroft, and
.../netinet/in_pcb.h is at 1.12, June 18th last edit by cgd - looks
like the CIRCLEQ mods)

2. before you make lib/libterm, make && make install lib/libcurses,
so that you pick up the newer version of curses.h

3.  rpc.bootparamd won't compile - I didn't really have time to look
at this, just enough to note that the number of arguments to the 
whoami function differs between the source produced by rpcgen and
bootparamd.c - perhaps something to do with the inclusion of the new

Apart from that, things compiled fine for me, and it's nice to be back
to tar_files.

Other notable things since last I rambled:
1. Andrew Wheadon corrects me:

> > 10.  As some people have noted, the i386 GENERIC kernel gets its
> > knickers in a twist if you posses an Adaptec 154?  and no BusLogic
> > card.  If anyone's really bothered by this, mail me, and I'll see
> > about creating a kernel for you.
> I have allready done this and it has been used successfully by
> others it is in
> kc10Aaha.gz, netbsd.installaha, INSTALLAHA.
> diskimage       kernel          config-file.

2.  Has anyone tried the bounce buffers for the Adaptec 1542?

3.  The top version that I put up for ftp is apparently a 3.3-beta. 
However, I'm quite happy with it.  If anyone wants a real 3.3
version, contact pavel@MAILBOX.SLAC.Stanford.EDU (Tom Pavel).  Does
your version work after the strvis changes to the argument lists, Tom?

4.  Mike Long posted a floppy formatter, taken from FreeBSD, I believe.

5.  Profuse thanks to the person who sent the following comprehensive
bug report to the Postgres95 list (the person was using NetBSD 1.0):

> Please enter a FULL description of your problem:
> ------------------------------------------------
> When attmepting to run 'postmaster -S' I get the following:
>       > ./postmaster -S
>       Bus error (core dumped)
> Please describe a way to repeat the problem.   Please try to provide a
> concise reproducible example, if at all possible: 
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Well, simply by running it again :)

Kind of makes me wonder what I overlooked in the port.
[I've also implemented regexp caching, which wasn't as big a win as I
thought it would be, and will be updating the port soon.  More as it

Major changes included in the 20th June tar_files:

> various fixes for distribution sets
> various fixes for /usr/share/mk files
> Linux ELF binaries work (thanks, Frank) - and more changes will be in
the next set of tar_files, making elf binaries generic across systems
> a newer version of Sun's rpcgen has been integrated
> SunOS emaulation has now moved to /emul/sunos
> various changes to make
> various preliminary PCI stuff
> circular queues in some networking structures

>From the Jonah Lomu fan club,
(Scottish division, doing missionary work in England),
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