Subject: Re: Future of NetBSD??
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Andre Skarzynski <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/23/1995 12:15:58
Hi, I would just like to add my 2 cents and support Chris.

Chris G Demetriou wrote :
> This is my take on this:
> >      I know NetBSD's philosophy is to only give out the best written, 
> >      best operating things in it's system.  I think we need to change
> >      that philosophy.
> I strongly disagree with this.  One of the biggest reasons why 
> Quantity != Quality, and, for certain purposes, Quality is definitely
> better in the long term.

Hear, Hear. 

[ Chris explains...]

I agree with what Chris has to say, and I am also interested in other platforms
besides the i386, though I run NetBSD on 486DX2 now and have ported tonnes of 
stuff to it etc, I am looking for a better platform, but for now, I can't
afford an Alpha...(yet). A PowerPC port comes to mind and I would love to give
it a crack.... 

> An operating system without good, designed interfaces isn't worth the
> paper it's listed on, to researchers and develoepers, regardless of
> the number of features it has.
> If you want 'advanced' features incorporated into NetBSD, then:
> 	(1) integrate them yourself, and make them available for
> 		comment, etc., and use the feedback you get to improve
> 		them. 
> 	(2) support the developers.  As far as i know, i'm the _only_
> 		NetBSD developer who's ever been paid to work on a
> 		port of NetBSD, and i'm (and you're 8-) lucky that my
> 		boss lets me work on things that appear irrelevant
> 		to the port...  Very few of the developers have even
> 		received hardware to develop things on; it's
> 		impossible to test, develop, and maintain APM support,
> 		for instance, unless you have hardware that uses APM.

That is great!

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