Subject: Re: PPPD 2.2beta fixes in NetBSD already?
To: None <>
From: John F. Woods <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/22/1995 22:29:25
>        Paul has made the 2.2 beta pppd available and while most of it
>        seems to be added ports there appears to be some bug fixes as well.
>        Does anybody know if the bug fixes have made it in to the NetBSD
>        current tree yet? It also appears to add LZW compression, I assume
>        this won't be added due to patent BS? Grrrrrrrr.

Uniblab, er, Unisys claims that they do not require a royalty for strictly
free software; so for most NetBSD users (those not packaging it for sale,
if that actually covers anyone) it would be OK -- aside from the question
of whether Morotola's patents cover all of PPP compression, and the other
patent BS running around.

If the 2.2 code were integrated into NetBSD, I could probably readily be
convinced to add Predictor 1 compression to it, so that I would have a
ready test animal for my day job...  (There is a patent claim, supposedly
very weak, against Predictor encoding; apparently it is being routinely