Subject: Re: Gcc 2.7.0
To: None <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/19/1995 16:26:15
> The GCC 2.7.0 news file says:

I didn't think that 2.7.0 had actually been released yet.  Last I heard,
there was a pre-release candidate out there--I assumed that this had
leaked and that's what all the reports on gnu.bug.gcc (or whatever) were
actually complaining about.

> Someone ought to submit patches to them so that 2.7.1 supports NetBSD
> on most platforms out of the box.

2.7.0 should do that.  It works on i[345]86, m68k, mips, pc532, sparc,
and vax (at least, looking at the configure file).  I know for a fact
that it bootstraps, compares, and (mostly) passes c-torture-1.34 on the
m68k (NetBSD/mac68k, but the other m68ks should be identical).  The
"mostly" is for a structure packing test that isn't a major problem.


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