Subject: Re: Drive Jumpers for Adaptec 1542B and Seagate ST4376N drive...
To: Dave Burgess <>
From: David Maxwell <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/14/1995 12:14:40
> I have just picked up five of these Seagate SCSI drives.  I am having a
> devil of a time getting them to work with the Adaptec 1542B controllers
> I have.  So far, I have tried three different controllers and all five
> of the Seagate drives.  I managed to get them to Self Test, and all of
> them successfully low-level formatted.  I accomplished that using DOS
> and Debug.

Why are you low-level formatting SCSI drives? This is usually only needed
if you want to change block sizes and other low-level things. In future,
refrain, low-level formatting will cause you many more headaches than it 
will solve.

(The exception being of course, if you know the drive was previously used 
on a machine which requires 1K blocks etc...)

Dos will run quite happily on a mis-jumpered 1542, since it often doesn't
access some of the features NetBSD will. 

In particular, check that first two jumpers on J9 have three open jumpers
between them (so DREQ and DACK are set to the same line) and that they
correspond to the setting on pins 7 & 8 of J5.

That's a likely problem that would let Dos work, but not NetBSD.

						David Maxwell