Subject: Re: Drive Jumpers for Adaptec 1542B and Seagate ST4376N drive...
To: David Maxwell <>
From: Randy Terbush <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/14/1995 20:37:05
> > 
> > I have just picked up five of these Seagate SCSI drives.  I am having a
> > devil of a time getting them to work with the Adaptec 1542B controllers
> > I have.  So far, I have tried three different controllers and all five
> > of the Seagate drives.  I managed to get them to Self Test, and all of
> > them successfully low-level formatted.  I accomplished that using DOS
> > and Debug.
> Why are you low-level formatting SCSI drives? This is usually only needed
> if you want to change block sizes and other low-level things. In future,
> refrain, low-level formatting will cause you many more headaches than it 
> will solve.

I disagree. There was once a time when it was SOP to low-level *any*
drive after it was installed.  This was largely due to head/gravity
issues with older drives.  That has probably long since been resolved,
but I have found that a clean slate has gotten me out of more trouble
than it has caused.