Subject: Re: Trouble with PCI, VGA, 32Mbyte
To: Matthias Scheler <>
From: Ronald Khoo <ronald@cpm.COM.MY>
List: current-users
Date: 06/13/1995 09:57:55
> > We (at least I am.) are talking about remapping bad 
> > sectors that fail even on repeated read-access. Thus 
> > SCSI will NOT remap these sectors automatically.
> Of course it will.

Under what circumstances ?  I have TWICE had to rescue SCSI discs
that would not remap bad sectors on read.  The last time was only
a year ago, and I clearly remember the scenario:

	VREPAIR.NLM (netware's version of fsck) refused to fix the disc
	because it was reading a bad sector in the file allocation area.
	When the adaptec verifier was run, it allowed the remapping to
	be done, resulting in a good sector with bad (inconsistent) data,
	which VREPAIR was then happy to overwrite with data from a
	redundant copy.

I don't know enough about SCSI to comment on what should happen or
what behaviour one can configure from the various configuration
pages on the drive, but I can certainly say that the adaptec BIOS
has rescued me once.  So I'll always keep a 1542 somewhere around
just in case. :-)

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