Subject: Re: Trouble with PCI, VGA, 32Mbyte
To: Michael L. VanLoon -- <>
From: Dave Burgess <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/10/1995 12:55:53
> >Hardware:
> >ASUS TP54(sp?) PCI/ISA board, i586 100 MHz (shadow disabled)
> >NCR *810 SCSI controller (Adaptec 2940 later;-)
>                            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> WHY???  What is this incredible lemming-like following of Adaptec?  I
> just don't get it.  Your NCR 810 is cheaper and just as fast.  What is
> the great extra benefit you will get by dumping a bunch of money in
> Adaptec's pockets?
> I've never seen such a fierce brand loyalty for no apparent reason.
> Is there really something so incredibly better about Adaptec that I'm
> missing?


Too much coffee Bob? :-)

All kidding aside, I have to kind of side with Mike.  From what I'm
hearing around here, the NCR 810 is a very good substitute for the
Adaptec controller.  One fellow even claims that, since the 810 is a
newer design (just reporting the opinion) it may be considered a better
controller than the Adaptec.

Of course, I'm no expert; I haven't even upgraded to the 1542B I picked
up at a flea market.  IDE forever ;-)

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