Subject: Re: Problems with mount_mfs (and a bit more)
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Frank van der Linden <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/09/1995 15:26:57
Quoting Matthias Scheler,

> 2.) "ps" didn't work anymore. Although I compiled "libkvm" and "ps"
>     afterwards "ps" I got "process size mismatch" errors.

> 3.) The kernel turned out to be very instable, it crashed half a dozen times
>     during reboot, mostly VM faults. I could not even reboot with the old
>     kernel because "mountd" caused a panic.

I had neither of those problems with a -current as of yesterday, June 8th.
ps should work ok.. do a 'make install' in /usr/src/include and then
a 'make cleandir all install' for libkvm and ps to be sure.

Some panics occurred with my system a few days ago, but after a complete
re-config and compile of the kernel everything was fine. Some files must
have been out of sync. Doing the same may also work for you.

A few other things did go wrong with -current yesterday: something went
wrong with some changes cgd made in /sbin programs. I am at work now,
so I don't have the diffs of the things I had to do to make things compile
again, but the following files failed to compile (off the top of my head):


Mostly these were assignments of time_t to a struct timespec, and not one
of the fields of a struct timespec, some other lines were missing some
characters ('.ts_').

Especially sbin/restore/tape.c looked like it needed some work to be 64bit safe
(an old-style tape header was defined and read in assuming longs were 32 bits
wide, for example), but I assume this is what Chris was working on when he
changed these files.

- Frank