Subject: Re: Porting netatalk to NetBSD
To: Mark P. Gooderum <>
From: Herb Peyerl <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/09/1995 07:06:48
"Mark P. Gooderum" <>  wrote:
 > > Does anyone know what would be required to port netatalk (AppleTalk Filing
 > > Protocol) to NetBSD?  Currently netatalk supports ultrix, sun, and linux.
 > I started and made a first pass at this, but I got hung up with what to do
 > with the SNAP headers and the loopback interface and ARP code using 1.0.

I've been looking at netatalk superficially for about a year now but
the netatalk folks are (In my opinion) completely non-cooperative as
soon as you mention the word "BSD".  Wes has reportedly done a NetBSD
port (back then for 0.9C) but try as I might I couldn't get a line of
code out of him...

In any event, I've since been told of another effort to put the atalk
protocols on a Unix machine. I've ftp'd the source and glanced at it
for a couple of minutes. It looks like about 3 hours of effort to port
the kernel pieces to NetBSD. I haven't looked at the userland pieces:

o AppleTalk Protocol Stack for BSD

Each distribution has been tested on Sun/Sparcs running SunOS 4.1.X
using the underlying BSD or Streams subsystem native to that version
of SunOS.  The x-Kernel version used is 3.2.  It has been tested
against native AppleTalk implementations on Macs, against AppleTalk
stacks implemented in other subsystems (BSD, x-Kernel, and Streams)
and against itself.  The distributions support AppleTalk Phase 2 and
implement (at least) DDP, ATP, AEP, RTMP, NBP, and ZIP (sort of).  For
more information on AppleTalk please refer to "Inside AppleTalk by
Sidhu, Andrews, and Oppenheimer.