Subject: netbsd and NCSA telnet seem to be at odds with each other, any ideas?
To: None <netbsd-help@netbsd.oorg, current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Brian Buhrow <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/08/1995 09:41:50
	I'm trying to use NetBSD 0.9A and 1.0 (I386 version, but that's probably 
not important) with NCSA telnet version2.3.06 and 2.3.08.  The problem I'm
having is that NCSA telnet can only seem to negotiate line mode with
NetBSD.  Characters don't seem to get transmitted until one presses the
return key on the NCSA telnet machine and thus interactive single-keystroke
programs like lynx, pine, and vi get unhappy in a hurry.  I've tried
turning on kludgelinemode on the netbsd telnet server, but this didn't make
a difference.  Note also that NCSA telnet for the Macintosh seems to work
	Does anyone have any ideas what I should look for to trace this problem?
  How can I turn on debugging for NCSA telnet to trace the options
processing stage of the game?  Does anyone have it working reliably and in
charactar at a time mode with NetBSD?
Thanks for any suggestions, ideas, solutions.