Subject: Re: Help!
To: Robert Dobbs <>
From: Dave Leonard <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/07/1995 22:56:43
> Perhaps a netbsd README-or-FUCKYOU web page is in order?
> I'd like to have a list of the things that need rebuilds for those
> periods of time where I can not keep up with this mailing list.  As is,
> I wouldn't have know about the mountd problem because I wasn't actively
> reading this list in the latter half of May.  I appreciate the mail 
> lately that has README in big letters in the subject, but I think a 
> WWW page would remove a lot of these questions that come up again and
> again.

a hand kept RAQ (recently asked questions) would be nice; perhaps 
grepping archives is good enough.

how about some sort of harvest/glimpse gateway to the mailing lists?
takes the pain out of it

Let's say you sort of keep up with the lists: you give them a regular
once over. one day you inherit some h/w or something that wont work
but you remember something about a fix for it in the lists; -> search 
for it in the list gateway. This gateway might even be clever enough to
hyperlink the messages by their message-id's so you can glance at the 
replies that one generated and the general context of the original 

I notice, at the moment, one has to ftp an archive, extract and a?grep
it yourself. perhaps someone would be benevolent enough to standardize
(or create a standard for) some sort of search tool on the archives?
Maybe even the -current source tree as well? (i think i saw this done
somewhere.) (I personally am not huge in the available-time department 
right now.)

ObOverTheTop: perhaps an RAQ page could be automatically generated
with the aid of some huge lisp program? Maybe it could also come up
with fixes?!?

seriously, perhaps people could put the string [FIX] or something into
their message so that some auto-web page generator makes a link to it.
Like this maybe:

	> [PROBLEM] salt-shakers not recognised at boot (NetBSD/toaster)
	> I'm having terrible problems getting my frost-free
	> twin-blade salt-shaker to be recognised on boot. I
	> have to run a sharpened fork up and down the FPU's
	> legs before anything happens!
	> Confused, Nigel.

	Well Nigel, its because sys/arch/toaster/dev/pepper.c assumed
	you had a waffle-iron plugged into /dev/wfl0. Heres a patch to
	get you on your way:

	[FIX]     patch follows...

hmm i can see lots of problems with this approach.. needs more thought
anyway.. time to go back to study.

David Leonard                            BE(Comp)/BCompSc 5th year student
The University of Queensland