Subject: Re: problems with 3COM 3c509B
To: None <>
From: Perry E. Metzger <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/06/1995 00:15:16
"" writes:
> Here's the setup
> 	DELL P5-75
> 	32 MB RAM, 1 GB HDD
> 	3COM 3c509B ether card
> If I boot off floppy, the card is detected as ep0.  If I boot off HDD, the
> ether card is nowhere to be found and I get something to the effect:
> 	ie0: unknown AT&T ....
> Any suggestions?  I've tried various IRQs thinking that something was
> conflicting but haven't found any conflicts.

A summer intern of mine just experienced the exact same problem with a
3c509. He cured it by stripping the driver for the second
(nonexistant) floppy out of the kernel and rebuilding. (Well, by the
time I got there, he'd stripped other things out, too.) I cannot
explain why this happens, as I didn't try debugging the kernel.

I'd suggest that someone file a send-pr on this.