Subject: Re: compressed virtual memory
To: Don Youdale <>
From: Michael L. VanLoon -- <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/03/1995 22:17:02
>>Compressed RAM is not a new idea. It has been available on Macs for quite some
>>The problem is, how do you make it compatible with all software. Many lower le
>>drivers need redundant compression code as they do not use common memory routi
>>Obviously this problem is far more prevalent on Intel platforms than most othe

>My question is, is memory compression worth the work. Memory, like disk is so
>cheap now. Out of memory? Just buy more.

Where do you live??  Memory is the one part of a computer that has
*NOT* come done in price in the last few years.  Partly because our
government keeps putting tarrifs on the chips, and partly because of
other industry problems.

Hard drive prices are plumetting, and do so regularly.  A year ago, a
dollar per meg for a good SCSI hard drive was a good price.  Now you
can get them for less than fifty cents a meg in some cases.  I
remember four years ago that 16MB of RAM was going to cost me just
under $500.  It's still over $500 (higher than it was then, actually).

I wish it would come down, because I've been waiting for some time to
add more memory to both my machines.

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