Subject: Re: NetBSD-i386 vs. Tritron or ASUS Pentiums
To: Michael Havemester <Michael.Havemester@abqhh.Hanse.DE>
From: Andrew Wheadon <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/03/1995 11:03:34
> >is anybody using NetBSD-current (or 1.0) successfully with a Triton based
> >Pentium system? I tried it on a P90 with a ASUSTek PCI/I-P5TP4 motherboard.
> >
> >The system works fine except the Ethernet board. We've tested it with 3
> >different WDC cards (8003, 8003EP and a 16bit one) and a NE2000 clone,
> >none works. With my own WD8003EP I get kernel message like this:
> >
> >ed0: length does not match next packet pointer
> >ed0: len 0000 nlen 1200 start 06 first 07 curr 08 next 00 step 20
> >ed0: NIC memory corrupt - invalid packet length 3608

Was this problem ever solved ? I'm getting the same problem on my
P90 ASUS PCI/I boards. Everything works fine except for the ed0.
I can supply the config-file if it has not been solved but someone
wants to give it a try. I can also try out various patches if someone
gives me them (i.e. I've got enough diskspace and enough PCI/I boards.)

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