Subject: Re: Old sun pseudo-scsi...
To: None <>
From: John F. Woods <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/02/1995 16:14:54
> > Does any NetBSD port have a driver for the pseudo-scsi drives they used
> > to bundle with the "shoebox" sun tape drives?
> I was under the impression that they were simply old fashioned SCSI
> systems -- i.e. several drives attached to a SCSI controller (NOT the
> host interface).

I don't know what controller board Sun used, but most of the ones I am
familiar with predate the SCSI-2 Common Command Set, and a goodly number
were built and shipped while they were still arguing over SCSI-1.  In
the Bad Old Days, it was frequently necessary to identify controllers by
trying various oddball commands and seeing which ones worked, and how --
if you were LUCKY, the controller would respond to INQUIRY in a sensible
fashion...  The problem is that different controllers often implemented
the same command number to mean different things, so your list of experiments
had to be carefully tailored to the exact mix of controllers you expected
to find.

> Thats why SCSI drives are addressed by controller and
> target, you know, although these days all drives are shipped with
> integrated controllers.

Ah, for the old days when I did things like hooking up multiple ST-506
drives to DataTrashCompactor interfaces...

I've actually got an ancient QIC-11 tape drive and SCSI interface (might
be an OMTI-20, I'll have to look).  Maybe I'll try beating the driver up
until it works.  (Then I can reuse the mountain of DC-300 tapes I have...)