Subject: sup on wipux2 enabled again
To: Volker Schmidt <>
From: Andrew Wheadon <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/02/1995 15:10:17
	Well it took 27 hours for the first sup, (bad lines ?)
	but the next one as only 3 hours,so
		sup is turned on again on wipux2.

PS. I'm only current of 1.6 12.28 (currently upgrading to today.)

PS2:	In future I will generally turn off 'supfilesrv' when
	things seem to have gone wrong. I turn it on again as
	soon as I've checked it out and am uptodate again.
	This means I will not mail 'current-users' since only
	a few people in countries near/within Europe are affected
	and these either mail me, or leave their crontabs running
	so they are uptodate as soon as I am. (At least two seem
	to be monitoring my supfilesrv-port ;-)

PS3:	Thx for the quick response cgd. (Pity the lines are so
	bad otherwise I'd have been up again minutes after cgd's mail.)
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