Subject: Re: i386 NetBSD-current snapshot now available
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Markus Tacke <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/01/1995 19:02:31
Andrew Wheadon <> said
>I've compiled a "INSTALL"-netbsd-kernel sans bt* stuff
>and put it in ~ftp/pub/NetBSD/ports/i386/netbsd.installaha.gz
>together with the INSTALLAHA file.

Perhaps it would be good, to have other Kernels available:
1. one without the mcd driver at IO 0x300,IRQ 10, it spoils the 
   ed2 at IO 0x300,IRQ 10 ( the mcd probles bullshit and the ed2
   dissapears) I am now using an ep0(§Com 3C509) at the same
2. because most ncr SCSI on the Motherboards are connected to IRQ 9,
   the other ed0 and ed1 are often unusable.

One other Problem, 
3. I have big Problem with a SONY CDU-561. It worked for 1.0, as 
   ISO-9660 filesystem and as audio via xcdplayer (as far a i
   remember-- its a long time ago). Now it works for ISO, but not for
   music, but much more worse: The machine isn`t able to reboot anymore,
   it comes down, resets and starts booting, but it stops in the BIOS
   Proberoutine for scsi-devices. This happens even after a hard reset,  
   the only working way is to power cycle the dammed thing.

But for the Rest: 1.0A is GREAT:
a) just used LINUX Netscape and other Programms from our linux
   Software Server
b) Compiled the whole tree (sup of 15 May) with only 1 Error in
  usr.bin/w: it seend to use fmt.c of bin/ps; but someone has
  rewritten bin/ps, so it doesn't use fmt.c anymore:


PS: the only Thing we are realy missing, is a yp-netgroups
implementation in getpwent()
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