Subject: Re: FreeBSD's NFS = 4.4BSD, NetBSD's NFS = Net/2 ???
To: Ken Nakata <>
From: Peter Galbavy <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/31/1995 21:45:26
> I apologize if current-users isn't a place for this kind of thing.
> The following was tossed on fj.os.386bsd, forwarded from a linux group...:

> ]Linux uses its own scratch written code. As of 1.2.x the code is as reliable
> ]as BSD (imho), and I run things like a big web server on it. Its also got
> ]some odd quirks and as few bugs and limitations. In theory it has the scope
> ]to be faster on PC hardware than the others, but optimisation to really
> ]make it rip is a 1.3.x project
> ]
> ]Alan
> [signature deleted]

Alan like crowing about the TCP stack he maintains / wrote parts
of. Whatever. Anyone who has ever been forced to try using the
Linux networking code *knows* how bad it can be.

The Net/3 stuff is definative in this world, and may as well be
the reference implementation for the rest of the world. What comes
next, especially with IPng is another matter of course. I hope
efforts like NetBSD and FreeBSD will take up the standard for this
in the future.

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