Subject: Re: SUP errors
To: Robert Leland Root <>
From: Chris G Demetriou <Chris_G_Demetriou@LAGAVULIN.PDL.CS.CMU.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 05/28/1995 21:28:19
> SUP Upgrade of current-src at Sun May 28 10:07:28 1995
> SUP Fileserver 7.13 (4.3 BSD) 20909 on at 10:07:28
> SUP Requesting changes since May 22 06:38:34 1995
> SUP: Access denied to src/usr.bin/locate/locate/pathnames.h
> SUP: Access denied to src/usr.bin/users
> SUP: File server unable to transfer file src/gnu/usr.bin/groff/nroff

I just looked at those files, and a couple of other problems with
lamp's ~ftp area.

those files (and a couple of others) were "really entertaining."
They were tweaked beyond recognition, and needed to be clri'd.

Unfortunately, after i clri'd them, fsck'd the disk that they were on,
and cleaned up a few other things, i made the mistake of trying to
'reboot' the machine...  it didn't come up properly, so i get to try
to get one of my friends in berkeley to come in and kick it...

The good news:

I'm going to be in the bay area for a couple of days, about 12 days
from now.  one of the things i hope to do then is ship lamp back
here...  that means that it'll likely be "off the air" for a few days,
but i may be able to scare up a replacement before then...  more
information as things progress...