Subject: RE: modem troubles..
To: 'chris csanady' <>
From: John Maier <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/26/1995 08:21:00
Hi Chris,

I need more info:
1) What is the exact brand and model?
2) What is the speed of the modem?
3) is it internal or external?
4) Do you have a 16550?
5) What program under NetBSD are you using to access the modem (Kermit, tip, 
6) Have you ever been able to successfully use the modem on a different 
6a) If yes to #6, what type of machine and what program (i.e. DOS and 
Procomm Plus)?

I worked in Tech. support for a year before moving to R&D, give me this info 
and I can probably help you.


*       John A. Maier          * Research Assistant For Datastorm    *
* E-mail: * Technologies Inc. (Procomm Plus)    *
*                              * (314) 443-3283                      *
From: owner-current-users
To: current-users
Subject: modem troubles..
Date: Friday, May 26, 1995 12:03AM

i have been having some problems with getting my modem to work for quite a
while now. i just stumbled across what i think the problem is, but i have 

no idea how to fix it though. :(  well here is what happens.  you cannot
issue any comands or anything to the modem until you send it a break.
since minicom does not open the modem device in blocking mode, you can
send a break and then everything works fine.  if its opened regularly,
it just hangs forever.  i have tried setting the cd to always on, but
this does not help. :( does anyone have any ideas??  if this is/was
a current problem, how can i fix it?

thanks in advance...

chris csanady (