Subject: Re: TCP/IP book
To: None <>
From: Neil J. McRae <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/24/1995 18:08:31
If you are serious purchase Stevens TCP/IP Volume 1 ISBN 0-201-63346-9


> Sorry for being out of context here, but I suspected this community to
> be the right people to ask.  Responses in private email, thank you.
> I'm buying a book on TCP/IP for both technical reference and internal
> company education purposes.  The book should focus on the protocol
> level, not application.  It should be both precise *and* easy to read.
> A bonus would be if newer extensions were covered like RFC1323 and
> IPng or whatever it is that is going to replace current IP.  I would
> also appreciate if different routing protocols were discussed.
> Resumes would be very welcome, but just plain references with ISBN
> numbers will be appreciated as well.
> Niklas
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