Subject: Re: GCC 2.6.3 install
To: None <>
From: Niklas Hallqvist <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/23/1995 06:47:59
>>>>> "Bill" == Bill Squier <> writes:

Bill> I need to install GCC 2.6.3 for its enhanced (read: almost
Bill> actually working) implementation of templates.  After thinking
Bill> about it for a few seconds, it doesn't seem to me like there
Bill> should be any problems with a simultaneous install of GCC 2.6.3
Bill> and NetBSD's native 2.4.5 as long as I keep the 2.6.3 prefix as
Bill> /usr/local.

It'll work.

Bill> Are there any ``gotcha''s I should be aware of?  (I'd like to
Bill> still be able to compile 1.0 kernels, for example.)

I don't know what arch you're using, but recent GCC versions have
worked for me on m68k to build kernels with.

Bill> Should I grab the source from the GPLed dir on or
Bill> is an out-of-the-box build kosher?

I'd suggest that you wait for a couple of days and get 2.7.0.  It'll
build out of the box on NetBSD (at least Amiga, but I bet the common
archs will buil with no problem).  G++ has had *many* bugfixes.