Subject: GCC 2.6.3 install
To: None <>
From: Kenneth E. Stailey <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/23/1995 09:45:50
> I need to install GCC 2.6.3 for its enhanced (read: almost actually
> working) implementation of templates.  After thinking about it for a
> few seconds, it doesn't seem to me like there should be any problems
> with a simultaneous install of GCC 2.6.3 and NetBSD's native 2.4.5 as
> long as I keep the 2.6.3 prefix as /usr/local.
> Are there any ``gotcha''s I should be aware of?  (I'd like to still be
> able to compile 1.0 kernels, for example.)

I do it all the time.  I even rm /usr/bin/gcc so that "gcc" is the one
in /usr/local/bin.  You can even install libg++ 2.6.3, "rm -rf
/usr/src/gnu/lib/libg++" and doctor up the /usr/src/gnu/lib/Makefile
so that "make build" doesn't die and compile groff with the result.

It would be nice if NetBSD was distributed with a working C++ compiler...