Subject: Re: Sunday morning crashes...
To: John E. Clark <>
From: Dave Burgess <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/23/1995 12:54:22
> At 3:57 PM 5/21/95, William Coldwell wrote:
> >>Our NetBSD (amiga, -current of Feb or so) system crashes every Sunday
> >>morning.  There are no cron jobs running then.  It crashes even if it's
> >>been up for, say, a week, or just a day.  Can anyone suggest something
> >>we should look for?
> >
> >It's the big guy telling you that maybe you aren't ready for NetBSD ;-)))
> Nah, sounds more like the 'Sunday morning airconditioner, or Sunday morning
> power glitch, or the Sunday morning cleaning crew with a large vaccum'
> kind of syndrome. (Either that or some jokester put a 'blue law' into
> the machine so that it would rest on Sunday...).

This probably has nothing to do with it, but I used to have a crash (in
Texas under 0.8) every Thursday afternoon at 1700.  That time coincided
with the weekly DNS update that the VAX did.  I never did figure out
what it was that caused it, but as suddenly as it started it went away.

BTW:  Not only did this crash NetBSD (i386) but it crashed all of the
FTP Software TCP/IP clients that were running at the same time.

It sounds like it might be the same kind of thing.  I would suggest taking 
a look at the local area and see if there is something scheduled somewhere 
else in the LAN that might be causing some kind of crash.

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