Subject: Re: GCC 2.6.3 install
To: Bill Squier <>
From: Ken Hornstein <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/22/1995 23:58:15
>I need to install GCC 2.6.3 for its enhanced (read: almost actually
>working) implementation of templates.  After thinking about it for a
>few seconds, it doesn't seem to me like there should be any problems
>with a simultaneous install of GCC 2.6.3 and NetBSD's native 2.4.5 as
>long as I keep the 2.6.3 prefix as /usr/local.
>Are there any ``gotcha''s I should be aware of?  (I'd like to still be
>able to compile 1.0 kernels, for example.)

No problems, works for me.  As long as you call it "gcc", you should be
fine (AFAIK, everything in NetBSD uses "cc").  There were some problems
getting libg++ working, but you can check the mailing list archives for how
to beat that.  The sources/binaries on should work, but I
recall that a out-of-the-box build worked fine.