Subject: Re: tcl and/or expect
To: John C. Hayward <>
From: Rob Windsor <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/21/1995 03:16:00
Verily did "John C. Hayward" write:

>    I see there is a package for tcl for current (which core dumps on 1.0).
> Does anyone have a package of tcl for 1.0?  If not how hard is it to 
> configure?

Compiling tcl v7.3 for NetBSD-1.0 is as easy as typing "./configure ; make"

If you want to take a peek at my install notes for it (or whatever else
I have compiled, check out

Some of the notes may seem trivial (the tcl 7.3 one is an example of this),
and some contain extensive diffs that I had to patch in to get it to work
(i.e. mh [thx to Matthew Green for the patches] or elm).

>    Also is anyone using "expect" on NetBSD?

Haven't even looked at this.

-- Rob
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