Subject: Strange ftp hangs, very consistent
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/20/1995 00:33:45
I noticed today that if I try to ftp a kernel from my machine
(NetBSD-current-May15) to another machine (either NetBSD-1.0 or
Solaris 2.3) by ftping into my machine, it transfers roughly the first
681k and then the transfer hangs.  I can abort the transfer with a
ctrl-c, and restart it, but it always hangs in roughly the same place.
Here are three places it hung three different times:

 680 -rw-r--r--   1 mhw      consult    681884 May 20 00:21 netbsd
 680 -rw-r--r--   1 mhw      consult    681820 May 20 00:21 netbsd
 680 -rw-r--r--   1 mhw      consult    681972 May 20 00:22 netbsd

If I try a different kernel with different options, it hangs in a
different place.

If I compress the file and transfer it, it works just fine.  I also
haven't noticed any other networking problems.  I've tried it from two
different machines running two different OSes on two different
subnets.  Hangs in the same place.

First I suspected the in_cksum changes, so I reverted the
i386-specific in_cksum back to the April 4th version (before the
speedups).  That didn't change anything.

Any ideas?

#	WEAVER -- kernel for mark's 486 box

machine		i386		# architecture, used by config; REQUIRED

options		I486_CPU
options		I586_CPU

options		DUMMY_NOPS	# speed hack; recommended

maxusers	24		# estimated number of users
options		TIMEZONE=0	# time zone to adjust RTC time by
options		DST=0		# daylight savings time used by RTC

options		INSECURE	# Disable BSD 4.4lite security level

options		SWAPPAGER	# paging; REQUIRED
options		VNODEPAGER	# mmap() of files
options		DEVPAGER	# mmap() of devices

options		DDB		# in-kernel debugger
options		DIAGNOSTIC	# internal consistency checks
options		KTRACE		# system call tracing, a la ktrace(1)

options		SYSVMSG		# System V-like message queues
options		SYSVSEM		# System V-like semaphores
options		SYSVSHM		# System V-like memory sharing
options		SHMMAXPGS=1024	# 1024 pages is the default

options		COMPAT_NOMID	# compatibility with 386BSD, BSDI, NetBSD 0.8,
options		COMPAT_09	# NetBSD 0.9,
options		COMPAT_10	# NetBSD 1.0,
options		COMPAT_43	# and 4.3BSD
options		TCP_COMPAT_42	# TCP bug compatibility with 4.2BSD

options		COMPAT_LINUX	# Linux a.out binary compatibility

options		COMPAT_IBCS2	# binary compatibility with SCO and ISC

options		USER_LDT	# user-settable LDT; used by WINE
options		VM86		# Virtual x86 mode; to be used by dosemu
options		LKM		# loadable kernel modules

options		FFS #,QUOTA	# UFS and quotas
options		MFS		# memory file system

options		NFSCLIENT	# Network File System client

options		CD9660		# ISO 9660 + Rock Ridge file system
options		MSDOSFS		# MS-DOS file system
options		NULLFS		# loopback file system
options		UNION		# union file system

options		INET		# IP + ICMP + TCP + UDP

config		netbsd	root on wd0 swap on wd0 and wd1 and sd0 and vnd0c

isa0	at root

npx0	at isa? port 0xf0 irq 13	# math coprocessor

vt0	at isa? port 0x60 irq 1

com0	at isa? port 0x3f8 irq 4	# standard PC serial ports
com1	at isa? port 0x2f8 irq 5
com2	at isa? port 0x3e8 irq 9

lpt0	at isa? port 0x3bc

uha0	at isa? port 0x330 irq ? drq ?	# UltraStor [13]4f SCSI controllers
scsibus* at uha?
sd*	at scsibus? target ? lun ?	# SCSI disk drives
st*	at scsibus? target ? lun ?	# SCSI tape drives
cd*	at scsibus? target ? lun ?	# SCSI CD-ROM drives

fdc0	at isa? port 0x3f0 irq 6 drq 2	# standard PC floppy controllers
fd*	at fdc? drive ?

wdc0	at isa? port 0x1f0 irq 14	# ST506, ESDI, and IDE controllers
wdc1	at isa? port 0x170 irq 15
wd*	at wdc? drive ?

ed0	at isa? port 0x280 iomem 0xd0000 irq 3	# WD/SMC, 3C503, and NE[12]000

pas0	at isa? port 0x220 irq 7 drq 1	# ProAudio Spectrum

pseudo-device	loop	1		# network loopback
pseudo-device	sl	2		# CSLIP
pseudo-device	ppp	2		# PPP

pseudo-device	pty	48		# pseudo-terminals
pseudo-device	vnd	4		# paging to files
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