Subject: Re: iBCS2 compat, WordPerfect demo
To: Charles M. Hannum <>
From: Dave Burgess <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/13/1995 09:26:48
> Oh; one more thing:
> 6) Make sure your stack size limit is at least 2MB before running the
> `wpinstall' script.  The X install program uses a lot of stack space.

I am in the process of FTPing this beast down.

All 36 Megabytes of it!

I can't think of another program demo distribution that was this big.  I
think I see why the stack limit has to be 2 Meg to run it.

There is a NetBSD directory  in amongst the demos, by the way.  It
points you to instructions about what pieces to download and the options
that need to be set.  This could be WAY cool yet!

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