Subject: Re: Linux emulation
To: None <>
From: Szabolcs Szigeti (PinkPanther) <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/12/1995 09:39:39
> This may not seem to be a very important thing but I've recently built a 
> kernel with Linux emulation and am trying to test it but when I try to 
> run linuxxdoom I get " can't load dynamic linker `/lib/` " or 
> something very close anyways. I tried making a symlink from /usr/libexec 
> to /lib but it still fails. Any Ideas

Yes! You'll need Linux's Create a dir /emul/linux and 
use that as a root for linux stuff. Then put Linux's to 
/emul/linux/lib/ . As far as I know the emulation code
looks up filenames by first using /emul/linux as root, then the real root.

Anyway, if you need linux doom, someone once put together a full
package of all the things needed to run it. I don't know where 
can you find it in the us, but if everything else fails, you
might want to ftp it from here, /pub/NetBSD/other/linuxdoom.tar.gz

Hope this helps,

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