Subject: Re: Perl 5.001 on NetBSD-current
To: matthew green <>
From: Randy Terbush <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/01/1995 21:17:48
> you need to compile and install the current  this lives in
> src/gnu/usr.bin/ld/rtld.

I am current as of April 28.  I also got lots of "text relocation" 
errors when creating a module (  When loading the module
it complains of not being able to find "boot_Msql" which is infact
in the when examined with 'nm'.

I am in the process of recompiling the NetBSD libs since I seem to recall
some problems with gas in the not to distant past of which all of
my April 28 libs were created.

> please let me know of any more problems you have, and make sure you've
> got the patches up to 1e for 5.001 (
> has them).

The problems I describe are with 5.001 with 4 "unofficial" patches
applied.  I am in progress of downloading the 5.001e distribution
to take another stab.