Subject: Re: /usr/include/termios.h
To: Tom T. Thai <>
From: John F. Woods <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/27/1995 18:36:44
> Am trying to compile yum and it's looking for WINDOW structure with 
> _cury, _curx,
> _begx, _begy, _maxx
> which is found on BSDI machines.  should this be in /usr/include/termios.h?

No, termios has nothing to do with curses.  Yum absolutely shouldn't be
referencing curx and cury (there is a specific macro for reading those,
and you shouldn't write them), and the author is probably doing something
really tasteless with the others.  But this is nothing new.

The quick solution is to note that you can drop the underscores to get
the NetBSD equivalents.  Assuming that BSDI's curses package doesn't
change their meanings in any peculiar subtle ways...  The slightly better
solution is to figure out why yum is accessing those elements and fix it
not to (this shouldn't really be hard, because begx, begy, and maxx are
set as a result of calls into curses; the rest of the program used to know
what those values are).