Subject: Re: mb_map full
To: Gary D. Duzan <>
From: Francis Dupont <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/27/1995 19:37:55
 In your previous mail you wrote:

      I just got this on my console:
   Mar 27 07:03:19 wheel /netbsd: mb_map full
   Should I start panicing now? Should my kernel?

=> a "netstat -m" can say where are your mbufs.
It can be a "normal" condition (heavily used machine)
or a memory leak in the networking code...

   Is there an easy way to configure more mbufs?

=> very easy: add the flag GATEWAY in your netbsd config file
(fast and clean way to solve the problem in the first case).
The size (NMBCLUSTERS) is defined in the machine param.h file.