Subject: Re: sup from umich
To: Martin Husemann <>
From: Brian Moore <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/27/1995 04:31:46
I humbly apologize to anyone who was using to sup down their
NetBSD-current source tree, which was then munged in the process.  It seems
that on the 9th of March, the SUP connection between sun-lamp and went crazy and it started deleting directories wholesale.
This continued until the 13 of March, mainly with messages of the type 'SUP:
unable to delete file NetBSD-1.0/BUGS' ( this was due to the permissions that
were previously set by SUP ) On the the 14 of March, it no longer felt that it
needed to delete those directories, and started to replace some of the files
that it deleted before.  From that time on, things were hosed with the SUP

I would have caught this earlier, but I moved from Ann Arbor to Seattle on the
3rd of March.  I planned on getting access to the Internet within a week of
moving, but unfortunately I just got access to my old account tonight.  I have
disabled SUP access to, and until further notice on this
mailing list, please do NOT use for SUP.  I have completely
erased everything in NetBSD directory on, and I am
re-syncing from sun-lamp as I type.  When this finishes, I'll do a sup from
sun-lamp and, and then do a checksum of a ls-lR report to
make sure thing match up.  If I could have a couple of people test it out at
that point to make sure things are working again, then I'll open it back up for
people to use.

I looked over the mail from current-users over the past month and didn't see
anything about changes to the SUP repository, but did anyone else see this
happen around that same time frame.  Also, I've attached the supfile I use to
SUP from sun-lamp, and if anyone can see problems with it or suggest
improvements, it would be appreciated.  ( I.E.  should I add 'old' to it?
remove 'delete' and/or 'backup'? )

Once again, sorry for any problems this caused.

Brian Moore

mirror release=all host=sup.NetBSD.ORG hostbase=/a/anon_ftp base=/f/BSD/NetBSD \
prefix=/f/BSD/NetBSD backup use-rel-suffix delete

> Whoever is in charge of the sup-server at
> should consider a "sup -o"; this servers tree is seriously 
> out of sync...
> Martin
> -- 
> 5:58 am: dawn strikes Oerlinghausen