Subject: dosemu limping on NetBSD!
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: John Kohl <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/15/1995 23:53:59
I'm happy to report that I've gotten dosemu 0.53pl47 to limp along on

For the moment, I've borrowed extremely heavily from the linux vm86
kernel assist code.  I'll clean this up and rewrite it (or describe it
to someone else to rewrite) so that if we want to put it into the core
NetBSD kernel code we don't have to worry about GPL stuff.

If you're brave and not worried about seeing truly disgusting and gross
code, I may be willing to send out diffs.

Things aren't completely working yet, of course.  I haven't figured out
all the necessary config stuff to play with XMS and EMS.  I've not
compiled DPMI yet.  But running in a terminal and running in an X window
both work enough to chdir around and play!

Linux DOS emulator 0.53pl47 $Date: 1995/03/15 06:19:24 $ 
Last configured at Wed Mar  8 22:15:04 1995 
on kolvir, NetBSD 1.0A NetBSD 1.0A (KOLVIR) #116: Wed Mar  8 20:20:42 EST 1995 
Bugs, Patches & New Code to James MacLean, 
[Linux File System] drive E: is directory /var/tmp/ 
[Linux File System] drive F: is directory /u1/users/jtk/ 
[dosemu 0.50pl1 EMS 4.0 driver installed] 
"Welcome to dosemu 0.52!"