Subject: Re: HylaFAX
To: Rob Healey <>
From: Randy Terbush <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/12/1995 09:40:48
> > Could someone on the list who is using hylafax with dialin/dialout
> > configuration give some clues as to how you are starting faxq, faxgetty,
> > etc.?  This shared port stuff was working fine with flexfax.  When
> > will I every learn?....
> > 
> 	1: Start faxq from rc.local, no options on the command line.
> 	2: Stary faxgetty from init, i.e. a line in /etc/ttys.

Which is what I am doing.

>From /etc/ttys:

tty03   "/usr/local/libexec/faxgetty"   vt220   on rtscts local

> 	I use the non modem control device, however it's nonstandard
> 	hardware and I've modified the driver to always return sighup
> 	on lost carrier to solve some sticky problems with non modem
> 	control devices never getting SIGHUP's.

What "non modem control device"? I'm running NetBSD-current.

> 	RTFM and you should be OK unless your modem is braindead and
> 	stupid, not too unlikely tho given the current state of Fax
> 	modems... B^(.

The problem is that 'faxgetty' is creating a LCK.. file and any
program on the system that honors that (which they should)
cannot dial out.  The flexfax scheme seemed much more intelligent
as it "watched" the port and exec'd a getty if it needed one.
The 'faxgetty' should block on open of the tty and I thought that
the 'local' flag in /etc/ttys would cause that effect.  'softcar'?