Subject: Re: HylaFAX
To: Mark P. Gooderum <>
From: Ken Hornstein <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/12/1995 04:08:04
>Let me know what you hear.  I've seen the same problems...
>FlexFax work3ed fine for me, HylaFax isn' receives faxes, but
>it fails to launch the getty (actually the getty tries to run and 
>It looks like HylaFax's faxgetty establishes the tty and itself as 
>session leader (which seems kind of bone headed for it to do) and then getty 
>bails when it can't do the same.  If I give faxgetty the no tty flag, then
>getty gets EIO the first time it tries to read stdin.

Well, faxgetty _is_ supposed to take the place of the regular getty, so I
think it makes sense for it to to be the session leader.  BTW, what's the
"no tty" flag for faxgetty?  Do you mean -D?

How are you invoking getty?  I have this in my HylaFAX config file:

GettyArgs:              "std.%s -"

If you try giving it a tty name, getty revoke()'s the tty, which causes
faxgetty to hang up which in turn screws up getty.  The above setup works
for me for outgoing and incoming calls.