Subject: sendmail upgraded to 8.6.11
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Adam Glass <glass@NetBSD.ORG>
List: current-users
Date: 03/10/1995 22:12:00
Here is an excerpt from the release notes.

Adam Glass
8.6.11/8.6.11	95/03/08
	The ``possible attack'' message would be logged more often
		than necessary if you are using Pine as a user agent.
	The wrong host would be reported in the ``possible attack''
		message when attempted from IDENT.
	In some cases the syslog buffer could be overflowed when
		reporting the ``possible attack'' message.  This can
		cause denial of service attacks.  Truncate the message
		to 80 characters to prevent this problem.
	When reading the IDENT response a loop is needed around the
		read from the network to ensure that you don't get
		partial lines.
	Password entries without any shell listed (that is, a null
		shell) wouldn't match as "ok".  Problem noted by
		Rob McMahon.
	When running BIND 4.9.x a problem could occur because the
		_res.options field is initialized differently than it
		was historically -- this requires that sendmail call
		res_init before it tweaks any bits.
	Fix an incompatibility in openxscript() between the file open mode
		and the stdio mode passed to fdopen.  This caused UnixWare
		2.0 to have conniptions.  Fix from Martin Sohnius of
		Novell Labs Europe.
	Fix problem with static linking of local getopt routine when
		using GNU's ld command.  Fix from John Kennedy of
		Cal State Chico.
	It was possible to turn off privacy flags.  Problem noted by
	Be more paranoid about writing files.  Suggestions by *Hobbit*
		and Liudvikas Bukys.
	MAKEMAP: fixes for 64 bit machines (DEC Alphas in particular)
		from Spider Boardman.
	CONFIG: No changes (version number only, to keep it in sync
		with the binaries).