Subject: Re: Uhrm. Current upgrade problems. Help?
To: None <>
From: Mike Long <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/10/1995 14:51:50
fox@CS.McGill.CA (Colin BRADLEY) wrote:

>		What is it I should have done so that the new kernel could
>		execute things? I can't remember exactly what the error 
>		messages were as they came up on the con during 'rc', and
>		'netstart', but I think it was something to the effect
>		that 'cannot execute /usr/libexec/getty' and a bunch of 
>		other stuff... (inetd, ...)

Did you put "options COMPAT_10" into your kernel config?  You MUST use
COMPAT_10 until you've completed the upgrade process (and even then
it's a good idea to keep it.)

To head off another potential problem:

cd /usr/src/etc/etc.i386
install -c -m 544 MAKEDEV /dev
cd /dev

>	At this point I am back on my 1.0 kernel, and am more or less
>	manually going through the source tree seeing what will build 
>	and what will not...
>	Everything up till /usr/src/lib/libc seems to go. When it gets
>	to 

>install -c -o bin -g bin -m 444 /usr/lib
>install -c -o bin -g bin -m 444 btree.cat3 /usr/share/man/cat3/btree.0
>Bus error - core dumped
>*** Error code 138
>*** Error code 1

Installing when you're not running an up-to-date kernel is
always a Bad Idea.  Every dynamically linked binary in your system
(usually everything but /bin/* and /sbin/*) will break.

>		Did I have to be running the new kernel for this to
>		work properly? If so, what was the problem with the 
>		kernel that didn't allow things to function? If not,
>		is the problem Is it a dynamic linking 
>		problem? (I'm kinda fuzzy on this area...)

This will happen whenever your installed is newer than your
kernel.  Something changed in the syscall interface (which is why
COMPAT_10 exists), so the new libc won't work with the old kernel.

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Back to work...
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