Subject: Re: Netscape.
To: Peter Seebach <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/09/1995 18:31:03
[ On Thu, March  9, 1995 at 11:32:24 (PST), Peter Seebach wrote: ]
> Subject: Netscape.
> Everyone, start mailing netscape, explaining how stupid* they are to not
> support NetBSD and Linux.  If we do this enough, they may give us the
> port.  (I'd assume; they can't be *that* stupid, can they?  And an
> X app that runs on several systems, including SunOS, is going to be an
> easy port.)

So far as I know, and modulo bugs that exist in the application, the
BSDI binary for Netscape works fine on NetBSD-1.0 (and probably on
NetBSD-current too).  At least it fires up and shows our server's home

I.e. fetch the file netscape-v11b1-export.i386-unknown-bsd.tar.Z and
give it a try!

They still have the most annoying bug of not changing the underline to a
dashed line on already visited links for the benefit of those of us who
prefer to do our daily work on high-res monochrome screens....

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