Subject: SE/30 X-windows and printing questions...
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
List: current-users
Date: 03/06/1995 08:00:51
	Well, I've got my system back on track.  I have the full binaries from
the GENERIC#17 release, running the mrg that was released awhile ago.
(Attempts to try out the GENERIC#25 kernal causes problems, since the
libs are old... I'm going to wait a bit before another download of tarballs.)
	I've finially freed up some space, on my system, as I slowly move 
towards a UNIX base environment.  (300MB now.)  I decided to finally get
X-windows, understanding that on my system, dt does not work.  (I've got a 
external monitor on my SE/30.
	Well, as can be expected, X doesn't work... It just dumps core after
displaying a broken connection.  The question is here, has anyone gotten
X to work on a SE/30 (mrg kernal) with an external monitor?
	Second, I plan to start printing to a postscript printer.  I decided
to test to see what the apple imagewriter (I, not II) can do.  I used
groff (groff -Tascii -man) to print out the screen.1 file, but after 3/4 of
a page, it started printing garbage, interspersed with actuall text.  Some
areas had multiple lines of text on the same line.  The only extra thing I
did for the printcap file was made the baud rate br9600.  (Using tty01)
Has anyone gotten an imagewriter I to work?  If so, what is your printcap
file?  (Note, a test file seemed to work fine, but it was only half a page.
Also, the lpd seems to get hung after a few jobs, where I can't print 
anymore.  Nor can I kill -9 the lpd to restart it.  Most bizzare.)

                           Edward Wolpert

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