Subject: Re: config options
To: Randy Terbush <>
From: Scott Bartram <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/05/1995 22:33:43
In message <>Randy Terbush writes
>> COMPAT_HPUX		# HP-UX binary compatibility
>> COMPAT_IBCS2		# Intel Binary Compatibility
>> COMPAT_OHPUX		# Needed at least through HP-UX 7.05
>> COMPAT_SUNOS		# Support to run Sun (m68k) executables
>> COMPAT_SVR4		# System V R4 compatibility
>> COMPAT_ULTRIX		# compatibility with ULTRIX binaries
>Could someone comment on the state of thes binary compatibility options?
>Last I tried (last weekend) IBCS2 would not compile.

Are you trying to compile under -current? I have done some additional work
to the IBCS2 code for 1.0 but I haven't finished making the changes to
the -current tree yet. Hopefully, by the end of the week.

FYI - I've run most of the binaries from SCO ODT version 2 & 3 (including
network and X programs) and several 3rd party programs including Informix,
Builder Xcessory, and WordPerfect 6.0.

If anyone wants the patches for 1.0, let me know.

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