Subject: Re: uhm
To: None <>
From: John Evans <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/05/1995 19:51:13
On Sun, 5 Mar 1995 wrote:

> The information you've supplied is *very* sparse.  You said:
>    > > Great, so on top of the problems with my SLIP caused by the X window
>    > > system, now I'm getting these errors:
>    > >
>    > > Mar  3 15:29:51 hillnet inetd[70]: pmap_set: 100008 1 17 1027: Address already in use
>    > >
>    > > And the SLIP will die.  No apparent reason, no load, etc.
> 1) What `problems with my SLIP caused by the X window system' are you
> referring to?

Well, this is in regards to a message I posted a while ago.  I had installed
X on my system before I ever got my SLIP.  So, as soon as my SLIP went up
I started having problems with it disconnecting for no apparent reason.

I went through a battery of tests to try to solve the problem and nothing
yielded any positive results, until my business partner, who knows 
nothing about computers, suggest that I try not running X.  Well, I 
couldn't imagine a possible connection, but for lack of anything else
constructive to do, I stopped running X, and for the next two weeks
the SLIP was fine -- it went down twice -- which is rather unfortunate,
but compared to multiple times daily when I was running X it was not
a big deal.  Anyway, so then I got the above problem.

> 2) In the syslog message, is the number `100008' always the same?  Do
> you get multiple messages with different numbers?

I always get the same message with the same numbers: 100008 1 17 1026.

> 3) Does this happen shortly after boot, after the machine has been up
> for a while, ...?

It all happened the last two days -- Friday during the day and Saturday
morning.  It happened after the system had been up for quite a while
and it happened about 5 times in a row (within 5 hours) and so I rebooted
the system and it happened immediately... about 5 more times.  The system
was basically unusable for over 12 hours, but now it seems to have 
mysteriously vanished. 

Being that things seem to be "back to normal", it's fine with me right now
as long as it never happens again -- but for future reference, where does
that error message come from?