Subject: Re: config options
To: Randy Terbush <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/03/1995 23:32:05
On Fri, 03 Mar 1995 18:45:32 -0600 
 Randy Terbush <> wrote:

 > Could someone comment on the state of thes binary compatibility options?
 > Last I tried (last weekend) IBCS2 would not compile.

Neither does COMPAT_HPUX... :(

 > Can I run SUNOS binaries on my i386 machine? HPUX?  I also see that
 > there is compat/linux support.

Hmm...SunOS m68k (or sparc) binaries on an i386....umm, nope.  :-)  
HP-UX, nope.

As for ``what have people used''...On the Sparc I've used COMPAT_SUNOS.  
On the sun3 and amiga, COMPAT_SUNOS.  On the hp300, COMPAT_44 (the 4.4BSD 
xserver for the hp300 doesn't dump core :-), and on the i386, 
COMPAT_LINUX (gotta play doom!).  I have COMPAT_SVR4 in my PC's kernel, 
but I haven't used it get...I gotta dig up a copy of Frame to try...Oh 
yeah, COMPAT_NOMID/COMPAT_09/COMPAT_10 for all those old PC binaries I 
have 'round...

Oh, almost forgot -- once, long ago, I did have a pmax, and COMPAT_ULTRIX 
was handy...oh, and one of these days I'll see if COMPAT_43 makes my old 
Utah binaries (for my hp300) work, stuff like `more' and `cat'...

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