Subject: Re: Web servers with NetBSD info ??
To: Mark Willey <>
From: Kim Andersen <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/28/1995 14:16:27
> I try to write a bit in my spare time.  But, I haven't had the time to
> write anything that I'd let out yet.  ;-)  Just an outline.  But anyway for
> the time being (end of semester) I have a web server running here on my
> machine.  It has the NetBSD 1.0 binaries and source code for Purdue users
> (well, anyone who wants it, really).  It also has the ability to browse the
> NetBSD 1.0 source code via Web or FTP.  See .sig for address.
> Mark
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>       Ask me about FREE UNIX and X for your PC/Mac/Sun/Amiga/etc...
>       Mark Willey

I looked at your pages. I have some objections as to your "NetBSD" logo.
Is this logo sanctioned by the core-group ? 
1. I don't like the colors. They are hard on my eyes
2. The logo is too anonymous, would easily be forgotten.

Should a NetBSD logo include the daemon ?