Subject: Re: A few questions about SUP
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Brian Moore <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/23/1995 00:17:00
You can try to use to sup down -current.  I've attached a
supfile below that you can use. About your restart question, if you're
connection crashes during a sup update, the next time you sup, it just brings
down the files it didn't bring down already.  It will just 'update' the files
it already brought down, and not bring them down again.  It will have to go
through and compare each file system to see what files it needs to update
again, though.  There are smaller pieces of the allsrc release.  I think if you
do src, ksrc, games, and regress, then it will be the same as doing a allsrc.
You might want to also do the doc and othersrc releases and, if your local
mirror site has it, the domestic release.

- --Brian

- ------- /etc/supfile.ftp.eecs ------
current release=allsrc hostbase=/f/BSD/NetBSD base=/usr
 prefix=/usr backup use-rel-suffix delete
current release=security hostbase=/f/BSD/NetBSD base=/u
sr prefix=/usr backup use-rel-suffix delete
current release=doc hostbase=/f/BSD/NetBSD base=/usr pr
efix=/usr backup use-rel-suffix delete
current release=othersrc hostbase=/f/BSD/NetBSD base=/u
sr prefix=/usr backup use-rel-suffix delete

> Where are all the sup mirrors I could use to get -current?  I've tried
>, but it goes down (or I lose my connection) before the
> job is half done.  Along the same lines of thought: is there a way to
> mark a sup update as half completed, and finish it up at a later date?
> (For example, if your sup server or internet provider crash in mid
> stream, can you re-establish the sup connection later, and pick up from
> where you left off?)  Also, is it possible to split the allsrc release
> to grab it in several smaller pieces?  If anyone has some hints for a
> sup beginner, I'd be most thankful.
> Jon Buller

- --XAA18881.793515212/

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