To: Larry Lee <>
From: Michael Graff <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/19/1995 11:06:01
Larry Lee wrote:

>What are the limits of the restrictions on encryption/decryption.
>For example, could NetBSD include a working crypt function athat
>xor'd the data with a site selected value or would that violate
>the law as well?

Something which only XORed data would prolly be ok (I'm not a lawyer)
but it can be decrypted in very short order by someone with access to
the specials tools used to decrypt that sort of thing.  XOR requires
only pencil and paper, and a hex calculator and a C compiler help.  :)
In other words, XOR is not secure enough to consider a threat by
most people.

>Note: I'm not asking anyone to do anything or making a suggestion,
>I just want to know what the common understanding of limits of the
>law is.

So do we all.  There is no real clear definition, no matter what the
State Department claims.  This whole area is hard to deal with.


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