Subject: Troubles with a NE2100
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Jan-Oliver Neumann <jan@encap.Hanse.DE>
List: current-users
Date: 02/19/1995 15:14:15
I have an old DOS box (386SX-16) with an Intel EtherExpress and my NetBSD-
machine (486DX-50, 16MB, ISA) with a Novell NE2100 at 0x360, IRQ9 and DMA
{ack,chn} of 7.

When I try to ftp from the NetBSD-box I get 'le0: transmitter disabled'
messages, ip-traffic halts for a short while (the card is reset), and then
the traffic resumes. If I put something onto the NetBSD-box I get 'le0:
 OFLO' messages. Of course, throughput is lousy in the first case as the
packet is thrown away and the card is reset.

If I run the i486 under DOS, I get acceptable performance, so it should be
a NetBSD problem.
I increased the number of transmit-buffers in if_lereg.h, but it didn't help.

What's wrong with the lance-driver ?

Thanks, Jan-Oliver

PS: Are there any plans to enhance the if_ie -driver to support the 
Intel EtherExpress 16 ?

Jan-Oliver Neumann                                          <jan@encap.Hanse.DE>
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