Subject: Re: commenting nitpicks in if_sl.c
To: John Vinopal <>
From: Space Case <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/17/1995 20:03:05
On Feb 17,  6:54pm, John Vinopal wrote:
>From if_sl.c
> * packet to finish.  I.e., we wait, on the average, 1/2 * mtu /
> * cps, where cps is the line speed in characters per second.
> * E.g., 533ms wait for a 1024 byte MTU on a 9600 baud line.
>This last line is quite in error.  Waiting for 1/2 of a 1024 byte
>packet is 512 / cps.  On a 9600 line, cps is 1200.  So that makes
>a 426ms wait for a 1024 MTU at 1200 cps (9600).

Well, if you don't have start/stop bits, it would be...


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